PathMed Acquisition

Connected Health are pleased to announce the acquisition of

PathMed was a high quality online resource for health and wellness and had a significant focus on weight management and the use of supplementation to support it. A key decision in choosing to acquire the brand was the quality of editorial the brand had around weight loss and weight management.

A decision was made to acquire and merge much of the existing editorial on with Connected Health in an effort to support and strengthen the growing content hub that already exists within the Connected Health brand.

We have undertaken a stringent quality assurance process to ensure that any content from the pre-existing website is up to the high editorial standards that we set here at Connected Health.

On the whole, we have been able to merge or port across much of the PathMed content, with the exception of some types of content that do not fit with the Connected Health brand. These are typically reviews and guides that do not sit within the weight management or vitamin/mineral topics that we explore here at Connected Health.

We are excited by this acquisition and think it is an important step in solidifying the Connected Health brand as a top quality weight management resource – allowing you to connect to your healthy self.

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