Glucofort Review

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Insulin sensitivity and even blood sugar levels are crucial for managing the effects and severity of diabetes. They need to be kept in check if you are to remain in any way healthy.

Allowing them to spiral will lead to some really quite drastic consequences, including amputation, blindness, and even death.

Glucofort is designed specifically to manage both and today we aim to find out just how effective it is at this in our Glucofort review.

The ingredients included in its formula have been proven to keep blood sugar levels low whilst improving insulin sensitivity, making it a perfect inclusion into any treatment plan or supplement regime for those suffering with diabetes or pre diabetes.

Our Verdict On Glucofort

Glucofort is very clever and seems to work very ably. It has been tentatively shown to work well in people, though animal studies are of course more prevalent. It has been tested in smaller studies on diabetics and pre diabetics and has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels and help in managing the symptoms of both diabetes and pre diabetes.

More rigorous, in-depth and wider ranging data is needed before we can fully say so for sure. However, things do look very promising and our testing found it to be highly effective.

If you are looking to get your blood sugar levels under control then it is well worth considering.

About Glucofort

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Glucofort is a dietary supplement that combines a vitamin and mineral complex with a few other compounds and botanicals. Each ingredient has been carefully and very purposefully selected and combined into the formula.

Each one – or, at least, the vast majority – have proven benefits for your blood sugar and insulin levels.

All should help to keep your blood sugar levels stable and at the lower end of their ideal range, seem perfect for mitigating many of the symptoms of diabetes and pre diabetes.

They should improve your insulin sensitivity, allowing for a far more hormonally balanced environment in which to overcome diabetes and pre diabetes.

It isn’t designed to cure diabetes, though it may well help you to reverse pre diabetes and avoid the full blown disease when combined with a good diet and lifestyle.

It is sometimes marketed as if it is, either by the manufacturers themselves or, more fully and more often, some of its reviewers.

Don’t listen to this. There is no miracle cure here. There is simply a very good product whose correct and regular use will help you to put the effects of diabetes and pre diabetes to one side, keeping yourself stable and well, and hopefully keeping you from exacerbating the disease itself.

If you combine it with a diet and lifestyle appropriate to your condition, you should see superb results.

Always consult your doctor before taking any new supplement. This is especially the case here. Talk to your healthcare provider if you’re undergoing treatment for diabetes or if you have been diagnosed with either diabetes or pre diabetes.

They will be able to advise you on how best to structure your lifestyle and diet to make the most of Glucofort, to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

How Glucofort Works

Glucofort is designed to support healthy and even blood sugar levels.

This is actually a very modest claim. Any number of products and recipes can claim this. Simply find a generic form of fiber and you would be able to make this claim. However, this is more due to legal small print than a lack of ambition – Glucofort actually goes a lot further than it claims.

It is designed to support diabetics and pre diabetics by mitigating their symptoms and helping them to maintain stable blood sugar and insulin levels, all without costly, often invasive testing and treatment.

It also helps by supporting a wider ranging set of health markers. For instance, it contains a great many antioxidants, which are worth an awful lot in any supplement.

However, nobody is buying Glucofort for generic benefits – anybody looking into it will be after the results specifically targeting diabetics and pre diabetics.

As we will see, Glucofort contains a great many separate ingredients that contribute to stable blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, whilst simultaneously mitigating some of the more common symptoms associated with diabetes and pre diabetes.

And it works, by the looks of things. There are some caveats here. The main study showing its efficacy was one they ran themselves, not an independent one. Therefore, we can assume a fair amount of bias. Nevertheless, the data sets were strong. It was a respectable, high-quality experiment run for them by a third party with a large participant pool of 160.

No side effects were noted, which is the first hurdle leaped. Most of the outcomes were positive, too. On the whole, Glucofort’s ingredients did what they said they were going to – they brought about far stabler blood sugar and insulin levels.

Glucofort Ingredients

A word of caution as we get into the ingredients list – Glucofort hides things behind a ‘proprietary blend’. This is a pet hate of mine. It allows you to see what’s in a product for the most part, but hides the exact doses of each individual ingredient. This means we don’t know how much of any given ingredient is included in their formula.

I would consider Glucofort a write off based on this if it wasn’t for the data testifying to its efficacy. This is its saving grace – no matter how much of anything is included in it, it is quite clearly effectively dosed, or at least effectively enough dosed to give some form of benefits.

Glucofort label

Things start off with Glucofort’s vitamin and mineral blend. This includes vitamin E for glycemic control, vitamin C, which has been shown to be effective for managing diabetes, zinc, which can reduce risk factors associated with diabetes, manganese, which is good for warding of hyperglycemia and stabilizing blood sugar levels, and magnesium, of which having low levels of have been linked with an increased risk of developing diabetes.

Then we move onto Glucofort’s blood sugar supplement proprietary blend. A lot of this revolves around vanadium, an ingredient well-known for increasing glucose metabolism. It does most of the heavy lifting.

A little of the heavy lifting is taken care of by cinnamon bark, however. It has been shown to be effective in improving glucose metabolism and cholesterol in those suffering with type II diabetes. This is a massive benefit to anybody who needs it.

We also get some decent Banaba leaf, which has been shown to keep blood sugar levels low. As Glucofort uses a proprietary blend, there is no way of knowing how much is included, but you really don’t need much. Only 100 mg has been shown to lower blood sugar in human participants by up to 16.5%.

There are some other worthy botanicals included in the formula on top of Banaba leaf. These are yarrow flower, which is known for improving insulin sensitivity amongst a wider range of health benefits; juniper berry, which animal studies have suggested may benefit insulin production (though we have no idea how it might work for humans); and white mulberry, a fantastic inclusion known for lowering blood glucose levels, backed by plenty of high-quality studies.

Then there are some less worthy inclusions. Glucofort’s recipe makes use of guggul, bitter melon, and licorice root. There is mixed data on how effective these three are, and it’s highly doubtful that any of them are included in anything like the kinds of quantity needed to elicit a full and proper effect.

Does Glucofort Work?

In short, yes, Glucofort should work very well. On paper, we can see that plenty of the ingredients included in its formula can mitigate the effects of diabetes and pre diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity, among other benefits.

However, there is always room for doubt. There is especially room for doubt with a product like this. Though we know many of the individual ingredients are good, the whole formula is a little under-proven.

The only study showing its efficacy with any real weight is heavily biased. It also hides everything behind a proprietary formula, meaning that there should always be a hefty pinch of salt attached to any claims it might make.

This kind of situation always makes for fun testing.

If something is cut and dried, you use it, you get the benefits you were expecting, you move on. Where there are a couple of question marks hanging over it, however, testing a supplement out really does become a proper test. Looking at Glucofort reviews didn’t yield a definitive answer as to its efficacy, so I tested it for myself.

I tried Glucofort out myself, and I got a couple of family members to run it, too. I wouldn’t usually do this. However, I’m neither diabetic nor pre diabetic. Though I can measure my insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels in a couple of ways, I’m not the target demographic. Therefore, I put a couple of diabetic relations onto it – one type II diabetic, one pre diabetic.

I saw the benefits in myself. My blood sugar levels are generally in a healthy range as I stick to a healthy diet formulated around intermittent fasting. However, they dipped to the lower end of healthy after a few weeks using Glucofort.

My diabetic relations, who monitor their blood sugar and insulin, saw much more profound effects. They stabilized, as Glucofort promises to do, at incredibly healthy levels, which is a hard won achievement for anybody suffering with diabetes.

Though the science is young, and though my own testing was far from rigorous, it does indeed look like Glucofort does everything it claims to do very admirably, and very ably.

Evidence To Support Glucofort

As I’ve mentioned, Glucofort exists in the same kind of odd place in which many supplements sit. Its individual ingredients are well-tested for the most part, with its star players being backed up by plenty of good-quality data.

However, the formula as a whole is slightly lacking – the only substantive piece of research into its efficacy, though well-run and positive, was self-sponsored, so is inherently a little iffy.

Nonetheless, we can look into the individual ingredients and see a fair amount of evidence at play.

Starting with the vitamins included, E and C, there is very little doubt as to their efficacy. Vitamin E is recommended by most diabetes charities for its ability to improve glycemic control, whilst research has shown doses of 500 mg of vitamin C or more can be very beneficial.

The minerals are also pretty solid, here. Again, the research into zinc is solid, showing that 100 % of your RDI (which Glucofort nearly contains) can stop pre diabetes from developing into full diabetes, and can mitigate diabetes symptoms where they do develop. Manganese and Magnesium also owe their inclusion to firm scientific backing.

Vandium is a funny one. Studies have shown that it does indeed increase glucose metabolism. However, the exact mechanism is in doubt – we know what it does, but not quite how or why. It can inhibit tyrosine phosphatase, the role of which is to inhibit glucose breakdown; it can also stimulate glucogenesis, or the breaking down of sugar. Little else is understood.

Human trials are limited for banana leaf but they show that it can lower blood sugar levels for an average of 13.5% to 16.5%, depending on the study in question.

Studies are a little mixed on the rest, however. Some show conflicting data. Others simply need more data. We can be fairly sure that ingredients like cinnamon bark and licorice work as they are meant to, whilst the others can be a little hit or miss.


Glucofort will not cure diabetes. It may help you to reverse pre diabetes and so ward off the full blown disease, but it isn’t quite so profound as to completely revert you back to full health. This being said, it’s far more profound than their literature, restrained by legalese, would have you believe.

It isn’t simply a tool for improving blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, though it will of course help you out here. Rather, it is a worthy, very important, very workable tool in your fight to manage diabetes symptoms and perhaps climb down from the earlier stages of pre diabetes.

It will help you to improve your insulin sensitivity. It will help you to balance your blood sugar levels, keep them low, and avoid spikes and crashes. It will help in mitigating many of the more debilitating symptoms associated with diabetes.

The science is a little shaky on the formula as a whole. However, it’s bursting with ingredients that have been proven to work, it’s well designed, and it’s all high quality. It really should do everything it promises to do.