Nerve Renew Review

Our nutritionist James Dixon examines a supplement that promises to repair nerve damage in this Nerve Renew review…

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Nerve Renew is a fairly popular neuropathy supplement that uses a simple, effective, completely natural formula, all of which rests on a solid clinical foundation, to improve nerve health and ease pain. Clinical studies have shown that it is indeed a promising treatment for nerve damage, which can be quite profound for those in need, those who know how tortuous and never ending pain related to it can be.

Not many of us think of nerve damage. It’s not exactly a widespread concern. Therefore, it’s often overlooked by the medical community and supplement market. Finding something coherent and well-made that can help to deal with it – both mitigating pain and inspiring healing, where possible – is therefore something of a godsend.

That’s what we have with Nerve Renew. A good, simple formula, based on science, which really does promise to do a lot to help where it is needed. Let’s find out just how good it is as I delve deeper in to this Nerve Renew review…

Quick Verdict On Nerve Renew

Nerve Renew’s formula is a little simplistic. However, it works. It’s potent and very usable, backed by a fair amount of clinical data.

The vitamins and botanicals can all help in a variety of ways, from fighting inflammation, to easing pain, to even inspiring healing.

About Nerve Renew

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Nerve Renew is designed primarily to help with symptoms of neuropathy, a condition in which three types of nerves (motor, sensory, and autonomic nerves) are damaged and unable to function as they need to in order to keep your body acting as it should.

This often results in a fair degree of often debilitating nerve pain.

This kind of nerve pain can come about due to a wide variety of causes and factors. We’re still learning about them now, and many of us remain completely ignorant of them.

Dietary and nutritional factors can often underpin these causes, with some deficiencies genuinely wreaking havoc on your nervous system. Certain minerals and vitamins are crucial for maintaining healthy nerves.

As a result, many modern, Western diets, which are often rich in processed foods and nutrient depleted ready meals, often underpin a fair amount of nerve ill health. 

There are plenty of common symptoms associated with neuropathy, above and beyond the pain. For instance, you may find yourself struggling to walk, losing balance, struggling with dexterity and fine motor skills, suffering with atrophy (muscle loss), weakness, muscle cramps and spasms, or even, eventually, an entire loss of muscle control.

There are, however, some solutions. It’s an interesting, evolving sector of medical research. Clinical researchers are looking into safe and effective treatment options that can reverse the condition and mitigate the side effects.

However, for the moment, products like Nerve Renew seem to be our best option.

Nerve Renew was developed and is manufactured by the Neuropathy Treatment Group. They were first set up in 2011 and have spent the intervening years coming out with different products aiming to help those living with neuropathy.

They’ve also used that time to build up a solid reputation, which always helps in allaying fears of quackery when dealing with this kind of supplement. 

Their president, Wes Jones, seems to run with a philosophy of searching out natural remedies wherever possible. As such, they have looked for purely natural ingredients that have been proven to mitigate and relieve neuropathy symptoms. A large part of me applauds this. However, I’ll admit to a little skepticism when I first came across Nerve Renew.

How can vitamins and botanicals really make that much difference to such a complex and ruinous medical concern? However, the research checks out. Testimonials and case studies check out. It really does seem to do a good job, making a real difference for those struggling with neuropathy.

How Nerve Renew Works

Nerve Renew is little more than a supplement. It isn’t a wonder drug. It isn’t medicine. It’s just a clever combination of vitamins and botanicals that work collectively to allay the symptoms of neuropathy, easing pain and discomfort whilst encouraging the healing process.

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It uses high quality ingredients. As we will see below, for instance, the vitamin B1 they use isn’t the standard variety that most of us take.

The standard form can be incredibly difficult for your body to absorb fully. Rather, Nerve Renew uses an ingredient, benfotiamine, which your body automatically absorbs into its cells. The vitamins really will get to work in the most efficient manner.

Benfotiamine also has the added benefit of being a lot less toxic than other forms of vitamin B, most notably the thiamine that we often see in supplements. This helps Nerve Renew to stay near enough entirely free from side effects – there have been no downsides ever reported from benfotiamine use.

Nerve Renew also use vitamin B12 in the form of methylcobalamin. Vitamin B12 has been shown to be highly capable of mitigating symptoms of nerve damage, easing discomfort and pain associated with it.

Methylcobalamin in particular has featured in several studies that have shown that it can even help you to begin reversing nerve damage. You may be able to overcome the damage by using it.

This is the crux of what makes Nerve Renew so good. The ‘renew’ part, in short. It doesn’t simply mask pain. It goes for the source.

It can help your body to repair nerve damage by supporting and, more importantly, strengthening the nerve linings. You may be in a far better position for using it – not just pain free, not just symptom free, but actually moving towards full nerve health.

Nerve Renew Ingredients 

Nerve Renew is nothing too complicated, nothing too fancy or over-engineered. Rather, it’s a pretty intelligent blend of useful, usable, and scientifically valid ingredients all designed to collectively work on pain relief and nerve regeneration. It’s quite a long list, with a few star players that will get the majority of the work done.

Nerve Renew nutritional information

The bulk of the formula rests on a decent vitamin complex. Though not Earth shattering, so many of us are deficient in certain vitamins, notably vitamin D (included here) – that would allow our bodies to naturally heal – that it makes a great deal of sense.

You get vitamins B1 and B12 (as benfotiamine and methylcobalamin, respectively, as we have seen) from Nerve Renew. Both are far more easily to absorb into the body than other forms of B vitamins.

Benfotiamine has been clinically studied and shown to bring about a great many benefits to those suffering with nerve damage, whilst methylcobalamin has been directly, clinically linked with significantly improved nerve regeneration and the mitigation of nerve damage symptoms.

Meanwhile, vitamin D is incredibly beneficial to those looking to ease symptoms and overcome nerve damage. It has been clinically proven to aid in relieving nerve damage symptoms. In particularly, it has been shown to help overcome pain related to nerve damage, as shown by evidence produced by the Vitamin D Council.

There are some natural herbs included in the formula, too, which back up the vitamins quite well. They can give you plenty of relief whilst aiding your recovery and return to something like normal life. Many have been used in various forms of traditional medicine for centuries for their pain-relieving properties.

Firstly, the feverfew herb is a potent painkiller, whose use stretches back perhaps millennia. It is one of our best natural painkillers available.

Then there is oat straw extract, one of my favorite supplement ingredients. It’s incredibly rich in antioxidants, which can help to ease inflammation, fight against long term damage, and ease symptoms of nerve damage, including rough and itchy skin.

Our next botanical, skullcap extract, has been shown to help improve blood flow to the central nervous system. It serves well as an anti-inflammatory compound, and even shows some promise for fighting against cancer.

Finally, passionflower extract has been used as a dietary supplement for a range of concerns. I personally use it to great effect for anxiety and sleep, in conjunction with natural chamomile extract.

It has also shown promise for treating heart rhythm issues, symptoms of menopause, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Our interest here lies in its ability to fight pain and soothe skin. It’s widely used to treat skin for burns, for example, and to treat hemorrhoids.

It’s a simple, effective, completely natural formula that rests on a solid clinical foundation. There is little to argue with, here.

Using Nerve Renew

Nerve Renew is pretty easy to live with. It’s also highly effective, bringing about benefits quite quickly.

This is in part due to the ingredients’ high bioavailability. The formula itself is designed to be very easily and efficiently absorbed into your system. This means that nothing – or, at least, very little – goes to waste, and that the product gets to work proficiently and quickly.

3 bottle bundle of nerve renew

It’s all too common to see supplements – particularly vitamin supplements – go to waste as little more than expensive pee. With Nerve Renew, you get the full doses of vitamins B and D without simply flushing it through your digestive system!

It’s all top quality, too. The ingredients are about the best you can get. The manufacturers employ Near Infrared Testing, or NIR. This is essentially a scanning process to track quality.

All ingredients have been tested and anything found wanting disregarded, giving you only the best. All ingredients are also naturally sourced, which is a refreshing change in the modern supplements market. There is nothing synthetic, nothing lab grown, nothing swimming in potentially harmful chemicals or agents, nothing delivering yet more pollutants to the environment. It all comes from natural sources, is green, and is good for you.

Neuropathy Treatment Group make a point of promising no contaminants. Again, this is quite refreshing these days. You will know that you’re only putting into your body whatever the ingredients label says – that, and nothing but that.

Part of their scanning process is to check for metals, pesticides, and anything else that might harm your longer-term health. They also make a point of emphasizing how good their packaging process is. This may sound mundane, but it’s actually really important.

They seal their bottles as soon as the manufacturing process is at an end. Everything is clearly marked with a conservative expiration date. This really is as fresh as you can get.

Neuropathy Treatment Group also state that there have been no reported side effects associated with Nerve Renew use. This is largely down to the high- and benign- quality of their ingredients. The trouble they have gone to in order to keep their formula pure and decent does indeed limit any risks you might expect from taking it. However, no supplement is completely without side effects, no matter how rare or manageable they might be.

For instance, excessive vitamin B intake can lead to digestive discomfort. You might experience diarrhea or even excessive urination. High passionflower intake can also lead to cognitive concerns such as poor coordination, dizziness, and confusion. No side effects have ever been reported by Nerve Renew users, so Neuropathy Treatment Group aren’t really wrong, but you do need to bear in mind that there is always the potential for side effects in even the safest seeming supplement.

Neuropathy Treatment Group also offer a great money-back guarantee with Nerve Renew for those few people who may be unsatisfied with it – 100% no questions asked if you don’t like what they’ve given you. It applies to your most recent order only and can be redeemed up to a year after purchase. You’ll still have to pay shipping and handling where it applies, of course, and you’ll have to send your purchase back as complete as possible, but the bulk of your money is covered just in case you’re not happy with it.


The vitamins included in Nerve Renew are all very good at what they’re intended to do. They’re also all very accessible from cheaper, more well-rounded supplements. You can get forms of them in five-dollar supplements from your local supermarket.

However, there is a little more at work. The vitamins included are high-quality and very bioavailable. This improves the supplement’s efficacy simply by giving you the exact, high-quality chemical you need, pinpointed to work exactly as you want.

And this also ignores the botanicals, all of which have been widely reviewed in clinical studies. Their efficacy has been proven often through centuries of use in traditional forms of medicine alongside modern-day scientific research.

The combination is a winner. You should find three main benefits from Nerve Renew. Firstly, inflammation should go down. This will do a lot to improve your quality of life and ease symptoms by itself.

Secondly, it is a mild, targeted, natural painkiller, easing immediate, chronic symptoms.

Finally, it may even inspire healing, allowing your nerves to return to something like their pre-damaged state.

It really could be a life changer for those who need it.