Our Editorial Values

Connected Health aims to deliver first class health and wellness information to help our readership lead a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. This means that we take our editorial values incredibly seriously and we have stringent processes in place that are designed to elicit the highest possible editorial quality possible.

Each member of the Connected Health team are responsible for maintaining our high editorial standards, from our researchers and photographers, right through to our writers and editors.

We have a simple set of 5 editorial principles that each member of the team strives to meet. These are:

1. Accuracy Above All

Unfortunately, we live in a world of mis-information. The field of health, wellness and fitness is not immune to this and it could be argued that it is actually one of the fields that is a worst offender.

Our staff are determined to play their part in changing this.

At the heart of every single word that is published on Connected Health – is the quest for accuracy. We strive for 100% accuracy in everything that is written on our website. Where statements are factual, we aim to tell you. Where comments could be seen as opinion – we will make this clear.

Although we work in a very scientific field, with much of what we discuss being supported by clinical data – there are still conflicting studies – and so there is sometimes an element of ambiguity. Where this is the case we will make this clear and bring you both sides of the argument.

2. Audience Centered

Without our audience we would have no presence and so we keep the wants and needs of our audience at the forefront of our thinking when planning content topics and delivering on them.

Although we are often covering very complex topics that are steeped in technical language, we try to deliver our content in a manner that both pays respect to the topic in question, but more so that it remains understandable to our audience.

We try to avoid fluffy language that delivers no clear direction one way or the other and we try to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise of a topic by conveying the message using everyday language.

3. Fact Checked

We have a team of researchers, writers and editors. When creating new publications, we aim to complete fact checking exercises at each crucial stage. The majority of our articles start off with an in-depth research phase. At this stage, fact checking is an integral part of the research – but the research is also fact checked before it goes to the writing stage.

There is then a second fact checking opportunity once the article is written, prior to publishing.

The result of this is that by the time our readers view a published article, it has gone through 3 phases of fact checking validation.

4. Experts In Our Field

Each member of the Connected Health team hold relevant expertise, experience and formal qualifications that is relevant to the role they undertake. Typically, our writers will be experts in the topic or in a closely related topic and this shines through in the content that they produce.

We aim for our content to be highly impactful on our readers and this is only possible by having experts in health, wellness and fitness on our staff.

5. Non-Commercial Focused

Some of our content does feature links to buy products from third parties. However, our content is not written with a commercial intent as the primary goal. Rather, where we are able to promote high quality, third party products or services, we will do so in order to fund our ongoing mission to improve the health and wellness message we are sending out to our audience.

However, it is important to note, that our content is never commercially focused with revenue generation as the main goal – and our staff are instructed to write impartially and honestly regardless of potential commercial gain.